The Gift of Time

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During the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season, we can sometimes get so wrapped up in the giving of gifts, that we forget what the holiday season is about.

Every year a group of friends and I get together and exchange gifts.  This year, we decided we really don’t need to run around trying to find the perfect gift for each other, but rather to spend time together.  What did we do instead? We went into the city, grabbed an amazing Italian lunch (complete with molten chocolate cake and lemon sorbet for dessert) , and went to an upscale lingerie store where we spent a couple hours trying on a variety of items until we found the perfect fit.  We laughed, we talked about what was going on in our lives and we enjoyed each others company.

We are all busy, balancing a multitude of people and responsibilities in our lives.  My friends taking time out of their busy lives to spend the day laughing and having fun together was by far the best Christmas present they could have given me.  So, this year, as you are talking about gift swaps, drawing names, and more, consider the gift of your time. You might be surprised by just how special that gift is.


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