Holidays Can Be a Teaching Moment for You and Your Children

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(Lessons in compassion, empathy and true meaning)

The holidays are a perfect time to talk about your family values with regard to giving and then put a family plan into action for now and the coming year.  Teach them early on the deeper meaning behind this magical season.

Of course, children associate the holidays with being receivers of gifts. As adults, we know that it is actually the act of giving that reaps the biggest psychological rewards.  Parents can help children and teens realize these rewards early on by teaching them how to give back during the holiday season and throughout the year.  Annual traditions will shape children’s lifelong values about giving?  Start this year by creating a family tradition of giving back.

Get your children involved in the shopping, in the process of giving!  Encourage children to reflect on what others would want, how they can empathize with families different from their own.  Volunteering during the holidays is a great way to give the less fortunate a holiday to remember. Whether you help feed the hungry, visit the elderly, deliver meals to those who are sick or home bound, or spend time with patients in a hospital, your time is one of the best gifts you can give.

There are so many opportunities in our own back yards.  Just Google what interests you below and see what comes up.

  1. Sponsor an Impoverished Family
  2. Send a Package to an American Soldier
  3. Visit a Nursing Home or Hospital
  4. Serve a Meal to the Homeless
  5. Donate to a Food Bank
  6. Donate to a Toy Drive
  7. Donate to A Clothing Bank

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