Upcoming Hanukkah Night 5 – December 20 – Tikkun Olam

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The 5th Night of Hanukkah is Tikkun Olam (Hebrew for “repairing the world”).  This is the perfect time to think of the things that matter to you and help others. One way your family can help others is to attend a Fifth Night Charity Event.

The Fifth Night Charity Event is a fun and simple way for children to participate in Tzedakah by giving one night of Hanukkah gifts to another child in need. After enjoying candle lighting and a light dessert, the children will have a chance to personally donate their specially-chosen presents to our chosen charity. A representative  will speak briefly to the children, thank them for their gifts, and describe how their donations will impact the recipients and their families. The Fifth Night is held in MA, NY and DC. View their locations to find an event near you.

Don’t have time to attend an event? It’s ok, you can still celebrate by helping out your local food pantry, supporting a coat drive,  shopping for a family in need, or choosing something to plant this spring.



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