Top 5 Most Wanted Gifts for Kids (That Also Inspire Learning)

When I start shopping for gifts for my 2 girls (or really any children in the family), I like to look for toys that are fun, but also provide a learning opportunity without them knowing it.   Even more, because I have girls (and happen to be an Engineer), I want toys that include STEM activities.  So, if you are still looking for that perfect gift for your child, we’ve got it below in our Top 5 Most Wanted Gifts for Kids:



Inspire their inner architect with Roominate, the toy that empowers girls through hands-on, open-ended play. Build structures and make them come to life with motor, light and buzzer circuits that create spinning windmills, carousels, elevators, lamps, alarm clocks, and doorbells.  Build, wire, and design… again and again!  From $14.99 to $99.00, there is something for everyone.

Shop Roominate  

 Snap Circuits Jr.


Introduce kids to concepts about electricity and electronics in a systematic, fun and safe way.  Create sound-activated switches, musical doorbells, voice-controlled lamps and more. In the this model, projects are introduced in order of difficulty to allow kids to gradually build on key skills and concepts. Each project can be completed in a short time frame, giving your child the sense of accomplishment and encouraging future play.

Visit Snap Circuits to learn more

DIY Organic Lip Balm / Sugar Scrub Kit
DIY Lip Balm-Sugar Scrubs

Who says you can’t be girly and do science at the same time? Whether your daughter loves lip balm or sugar scrubs, these DIY kits combine the skills of measuring (math) with different ingredient compounds (chemistry) to create organic, high quality beauty products that they are proud to wear because they created it themselves.

Find at: Herban Lifestyle

HEXBUG VEX Robotics Spider



Construct your very own jumbo sized robot.  I love the HEXBUG toys so much, I ignore my arachnophobia. The VEX Robotics Spider kit teaches kids that:

  • Motors receive signals from the brain, spinning into action causing the head to rotate and the legs to cycle.
  • The distance sensor reflects infrared light, which alerts the spider before it crashes into its surroundings.
  • The LED module will change color with every turn of the spider’s head.
  • The brain is the centralized computer that powers the spider, relaying signals from the remote control, and activating the motors and sensors to bring the spider to life!

Find more HEXBUGS, ramps, tanks and more.

Doodle Crate


Enhance their creativity and problem solving skills with a Doodle Crate.  Doodle Creates help children explore materials and create new things from them by introducing fun crafting materials and interesting techniques. As kids dig in, they begin to see how materials can transform. They start dreaming about the possibilities and exploring their own ideas. By exercising their imagination and creativity, children develop an enthusiasm for making and creating something all by themselves..

For Ages 9-16.  Look Inside a Doodle Crate


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