“Experiential Gifting”

Toys may break, clothing goes out of style, gadgets are obsolete within minutes, but memories are forever and make us who we are.
Consider gifting an “Experience” this year that will create a life-long memory for your family, loved one or friend.

The greatest gift we ever own is not found in big box stores or under our Christmas trees. It is found in the hearts of your family, true friends and memories. It is not until a loved one is diagnosed with an illness that is going to erase their memories, that you realize how precious and priceless these stored life experiences are. Below are some experiential gifting ideas that I’ve either given to someone, or would love to receive (hint, hint).

“Memory Making” gift ideas:

Family Vacation
Ski weekend
Scavenger Hunt through Boston
White Water Rafting Trip
Blue Man Group Tickets
Maybe a New Puppy!

A tandem Kayak so you have future memories to create together
Cape Cod Dinner Train
Sunset Cruise in Boston
Hot Air Balloon Ride
Flying Lessons

Boston Wine or Chocolate Tour
Tickets to a Play or Concert
Sky Diving
Zip Lining


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