Wedding Day Makeup Looks and Other Helpful Hints

6 Months Before – Start a good skincare regimen, which might include monthly peels or facials. If you have issues–acne, bacne, rosacea, etc–consult with a pro to figure out the best treatment plan. If you’re exploring any kind of laser hair removal (on your face, etc), you need to start sessions around now.

3 Months Before – Do your wedding hair and makeup trials. Book your beauty team and set up appointments for your wedding party. Experiment with self-tanners or spray tans, if you want a faux glow. Get your brows professionally shaped; you’ll have time to grow them out in spots if needed. Start an at-home teeth-whitening routine.

1 Month Before – If you’re not using a makeup artist, experiment with and buy wedding makeup now, so you have time to do a few trial runs. Start regularly applying self-tanner to build up a good base of even color.

2 Weeks Before – Think about/choose what nail color you’ll wear; buy it in case the salon you’ll go to doesn’t have it in stock. Practice doing your own hair/makeup if you’re not using professionals.

The Week Before – Get a professional teeth whitening. This shouldn’t be done any closer in case you experience sensitivity. Do your last facial, peel etc.–but ONLY one you’ve been doing regularly and you know will not cause irritation. Get your brows professionally shaped again–you can do this as close as two days before, but avoid doing it the night before because there’s always potential for redness. Get any waxing done, to avoid irritation at the last minute.

The Day Before – Execute your pre-tested spray-tan plan. Don’t spray tan the morning of because most involve bronzer that can rub off on your dress. Get your mani-pedi; you’re not going to be patient enough to sit and let polish properly dry on your wedding morning.

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We have over 70 different bridal makeup looks to choose from:


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