Romantic Getaways to Celebrate Your Love and Relationship

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Romantic getaways are important for every relationship. It enables you to escape the daily grind of work, chores, errands, life’s responsibilities and stresses. It purposely creates time and space to re-charge individually and as a couple. Strengthening your bond and creating new memories, may even add a little extra spark to your love-life. Having the opportunity to give and receive undivided attention from your partner, allows you to enjoy all the reasons why you fell in love and made a commitment in the first place. There are so many romantic getaways in New England, but so little space to name them all.

Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel
138 St. James Avenue
Boston, MA, 02116
Phone: 617-267-5300 Toll-Free: 800-441-1414

A Romantic Weekend Escape, Fall in Love in Luxury – Enjoy a romantic weekend surrounded by luxury, first-class service and New England history at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston’s Back…

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