A Day Spa Owner’s Inspiring Journey

Arlene Fithian purchased Spa-tique Day Spa in June of 2014 from her previous employer.  Arlene never in a million years ever thought she would one day own an award-winning day spa on the South Shore of Massachusetts.  “You just never know what life is going to present you.”

Arlene’s journey began with marrying the love of her life, Scott Fithian, and happily becoming a stay-at-home mom for her two sons.  Her life unfortunately, took an extremely unexpected turn when her husband was diagnosed and passed away from cancer at the age of 45.  Needless to say, she was devastated but had to find a way to go on because she had two children at home to take care of emotionally and financially.

She met with her financial planner to get some sound advice for their future, and he said, you’re only in your 40’s so you’re going to need to get a job.  I want you to pick something that you are going to love.  She thought about it and thought about it and she kept coming back to…she loved getting facials once a month and always loved trying out new skincare and makeup products.  Also, she realized after taking care of her husband through his illness, that she loved nurturing him through that and thought that she could translate that into taking care of her clients and nurturing them as well.  Decision made.  She signed-up and graduated from Spa-tech Institute in Plymouth as a licensed Esthetician.

Arlene was hired by Spa-tique Day Spa right out of school and is now the proud Owner and still remains as an Esthetician a few days a week.  How did that transpire?  She mentioned to the Owner during a performance review that she absolutely loves working at Spa-tique and that she was never going to leave so if you ever decide that you want to sell the business, please give me the first right of refusal.  The opportunity presented itself, and the rest is history.  She and the former business owner always say that it was a plan from above.  Her husband Scott orchestrated this opportunity for her from heaven.

Arlene’s favorite part about giving a facial to her clients is when they snore!  She says to herself “I did it”, meaning she was able to get her client to the ultimate state of relaxation with her healing touch when they actually fall asleep, literally, in her hands.  “It’s so rewarding to give them that and to have them leave feeling good about themselves, and building those trusting client relationships is wonderful.  I also benefit as well in that I feel almost as relaxed as my client does by the end of the facial, it’s healing for me too.”

Another favorite part about being a Spa Owner is researching, picking out and purchasing all of the products both for back-bar and for the retail boutique as she is a self-proclaimed “Product Junkie”.  She uses every product on herself first to make sure she thinks it’s great so rest assured, if it’s at Spa-tique, it has passed the “Product Junkie” test and is fabulous!

Most people assume that as a Spa Owner she would receive spa treatments every week.  If only that were true!  She kind of does because she gives herself facials all the time because her staff is too busy to give her one, but she actually does try to treat herself to one massage per month and her absolute favorite spa treatment is the Hungarian Moore Mud Massage which is an organic substance that comes from a 20,000 year old glacial valley basin in Eastern Europe that has never been drained away allowing the Moor to retain its entire organic mineral and trace elements.  In addition, it has an unusual concentration of humic acids, folic acids, vitamins, amino acids, plant hormones and fatty acids in a molecular form that is easy for the skin to absorb.  Moor has been used for centuries to heal, nourish and detoxify.  It sounds messy, but it’s actually not at all, it’s heavenly from start to finish and you don’t have to shower afterwards.  Other than that, she will receive treatments when she interviews potential employees, not a bad perk.

If you’ve never been to Spa-tique and live on the South Shore or plan on visiting the South Shore of Massachusetts, you must give them a try.  Their spa is situated in a historic building dating back to 1673 and it has a lot of the original beams, hand-crafted nails, pine floors and all the charm that goes with that, and they’ve also received over 20 awards to date which speaks for iteslf.  Arlene’s goal which is engrained in each and every spa employee is that “every client goes home feeling nurtured, happy and great about themselves.”

Spa-tique Day Spa
2000 Ocean Street
Marshfield, MA  02050

Website:      http://spatique.biz/
eGift Card:   http://spatique.biz/gift-certificates/
Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/spatiquedayspa/timeline


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