The Gift of New England History


If you know someone who appreciates New England Charm and History, they’ll enjoy a thoughtful gift to one of “The Great Tea Rooms of America”, Dunbar House Restaurant & Tea Room located in Sandwich, MA, where there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Owner, James Hegarty, tells us that the Restaurant and Tea Room were at one time the carriage house to the main house, circa 1740. The original the tea room sits in an old wood paneled billiard and gentlemen’s smoking room. Now, it is home to the clinking of tea cups rather than billiard balls and the aromas of baking pies, cakes, shortbread and scones rather than pipe smoke. Both the original tea room and the new dining room have fireplaces that are stoked up for the winter.

Dunbar House proudly serves a fine selection of British Ales and European Wines, Ports and Sherries. Their cozy and intimate atmosphere is world renowned for providing the perfect setting to catch up with an old friend or to meet a new one.

The Dunbar House Tea Room provides a lovely atmosphere where friends and acquaintances can gather and enjoy each other’s company over a hot cup of tea and tea sandwiches as well as a wide selection from their desert display.

The Outdoor Patio, overlooking Shawme Pond, is surrounded by sprawling beautifully-maintained gardens, while their all-new Wine Bar and Tavern adds an extra space for guests to socialize and enjoy lunch, tapas and dinner with live entertainment and a wide selection of wine and beer.

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