Can Aging Really Be Optional?



While getting older is inevitable, the advancements in bio-science and devices have made aging truly optional.

KYMA cosmetic surgery | anti-aging center is one of the few places on the South Shore where you can find a variety of options to help you retain your youth and restore your skin to its optimal condition.  They specialize in a variety of procedures ranging from surgical to non-invasive so you can achieve the results you are looking for in a way that is comfortable for you.

Some of their specialties include: J-PLAZTY, Non-Surgical Facelift LumiLift, Venus Viva, Ultherapy, Microneedling, Juvederm, Radiesse, and FAMI stem cell lift, and Liposculpture.  They have a variety of other options and also provide services such as ear lobe repair, vein treatment, massage, and hair removal.

While their procedures are M.D. administered, the environment resembles anything but a medical facility.  With warm colors adorning the walls, soft seating and beautifully decorated rooms, you feel as if you have entered an oasis.

KYMA cosmetic surgery | anti-aging center understands that once you’ve made the decision to look your best, you want the best service available to provide the best results possible. Their expert team of professionals share your belief that there can be no compromise when it comes to your health and appearance.

KYMA is located at 134 Washington St, Norwell, MA 02061.  Gift cards can be purchased on their website or on


Fresh, Locally-Sourced Takeout?


5 years ago owner Monica Fletcher turned what was once her hobby into one of the best takeout places in the South Shore – Acorn Canning Company located at 1175 Ocean St, Marshfield, MA.

When you walk into Acorn Canning Company, you have a look into the funky fun that happens in the kitchen as your food is being created. Walls are covered with cookbooks and counters sport not only Fletcher’s creations, but support other local business’ products, such as Jenny D’s Bees Honey.

Each day, food is made from scratch and includes everything from homemade pies, towering to-die-for sandwiches, delicious salads, and heart-warming soups served with a sense of humor that leaves you wanting to go back for more.

The menu changes daily as Fletcher relies on the fresh local delivery of food and creates her menu based on what she has on hand. The daily offerings can be found on the Acorn Canning Facebook Page.  Along with the regular menu items, customers can also call to request special dishes or dinner for the night.

The freshness is just part of what makes Acorn Canning Company’s food so good. What really makes Acorn Canning Company great is Monica Fletcher. She cooks with her whole heart, which you can taste in every piece of bread, pie, and biscuit she makes. But what’s more is the time she takes to get to know every customer (and when she sends your husband home with free soup and homemade tortillas when you are sick because she knows it’s your favorite).

So if you are looking for the perfect gift for the foodie in your life, send them a gift card to Acorn Canning Company.

The Local Wine Tasting Experience


If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for someone who enjoys and seeks out local wines wherever they go, look no further than Plymouth, MA, where the new 1620 Winery & Wine Bar is located.

Owners Robert & Raquel Mullaney welcome all of their guests with a big smile and with open arms.  Robert is not only a Co-Owner but also the Vintner as he comes from a long line of Sicilian wine makers (Fazino) and is tapping into his Italian influences to create delightful wines here in the states.

Guests can also enjoy their chosen bottle of wine with a pairing board that is made only with the finest artisanal meats and cheeses, hand selected and locally sourced right here in New England.

They have several options with which to enjoy their experience; outside around a fire pit overlooking historic Plymouth waterfront and harbor; inside on a plush couch in front of the crackling fireplace; next to the Grand Piano enjoying live music, or they can cozy up to the beautiful bar where they will most likely be able to have a fun and lively chat with Co-Owner Raquel.

eGift Cards for 1620 Winery & Wine Bar can be emailed instantly or printed for hand-delivery or mail.  Send a Gift Card

Top 5 Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

Whoops! Did you forget the wedding gift? Don’t worry, you can still get the happy couple the perfect gift (and they will never know it was a last minute gift!).   With more and more couples living together before getting married or acquiring items for the home prior to marriage, experiential gifts are becoming extremely popular. The following are Exclusively Gifted’s top 5 wedding gift ideas that are sure to impress, late or not:

  1. Contribute towards their honeymoon with Susan Peavey Travel. (They can even apply their gift card towards special amenities/excursions during their stay).wedding-travel
  2. Spruce up their bedroom (or any room in the house!) with South Shore Decorating
  3. Send them on a romantic night out at 1620 Winery and Wine Bar
  4. Give them a day of fun in the sun or snow at Sportworks or Tygart Mountain Sports
  5. The gift of pampering after all of the anxiety and excitement:  Bella Aesthetics, KYMA cosmetic surgery | anti-aging, Phoenix Massage Therapy and Wellness, and Spa-tique Day Spa

Want more ideas? Shop by personality at the Exclusively Gifted Marketplace